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Cosmetic Surgery Enhancement Therapy

Here in our practice a collective approach has been taken between the surgical and the aesthetic wing to enhance the results after a cosmetic surgery.  As cosmetic surgery needs a special care which focuses on healing, better incision scar, improvising skin texture and elasticity.

  1. Post-surgery bruising and swelling becomes quite obvious immediately during the recovery phase. To combat this there are creams which tends to minimize bruise and make them fade in due course of time. There are certain medications our experts will recommend to bring the swelling down if mandatory. Ice fomentation packs are also ideal and is readily available.
  2. Lymphatic massage: Advised to make the healing fast and to reduce swelling. Usually a gentle manual massage or a massage by a therapist is advised 10 to 20 days after the surgery.
  3. Collagen supplements: Collagen is the structural protein in our body. Boosting its level through supplements are recommended after a cosmetic surgery to hold on the plump and to achieve a younger looking skin.
  4. Radiofrequency (EXILIS): To improve skin elasticity and to tighten the tissues. It can be done on any parts of body post liposuction. This treatment is offered 2 weeks after the surgery. And also on the face 4 weeks after a face lift.
  5. Botox and dermal filler: Sometimes after a scar revision surgery one may require few units of botox to make the suture intact in order to give a more aesthetic suture scar. After a face lift probably minimal units of botox and derma filler may enhance the results.
  6. Micro needling: Helps in collagen production and also helps in the absorption of products.
  7. Visible Incision scar is a very rare case scenario, but possible. You can always use silicone gels under the guidance of our surgeons which will minimize the scar.
  8. Steroid injections: For lowering the inflammation down and for those who have the tendency to form keloids, a course of steroid injections may be beneficial.

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