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Mommy Makeover India

Mommy Makeover: Every Mother’s Dream

Becoming a mother has its blessings. More than you can count. The smile on your little angel’s face could send you straight into Mommy Heaven! Yet, becoming a mother changes a woman’s body. In more ways than one. Her firmness is lost, her tummy sags and her breasts may lose their shape. Some women are known to stall motherhood for just this reason. But, ladies, there is hope. Chennai Plastic Surgery has help, solutions to niggling shape and fat concerns. Chennai Plastic Surgery can weave its magic and restore girlish confidence and shape to the before pregnancy time. Honestly.

The Chennai Plastic Surgery Team could even have you looking better than you ever did. Come to us now that you are done with having babies, and we will show you the possibilities given your challenge areas. Our Chief Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Karthik, will consult with you. He will go into all the details of the kind of procedures your body requires. His team will make recommendations based on your unique needs.

Our Chennai Plastic Surgery team includes a complete bouquet of experts who will take care of you from the top of your head to the tips of your pretty toes. We even help you with makeup tips coming your way from our specialized makeup artists.

Chennai Plastic Surgery’s list of services:

  • Motherhood makes the stomach skin and muscles a little flabby. No amount of exercising seems to help bring back that flat, taut tummy. Liposuction and tummy tuck help you get the pre-pregnancy shape back.
  • The bane of many mommies is that their breasts sag and are flabby and too big. Sometimes, motherhood can do that to your breasts. The Chennai Plastic Surgery Team are experts at breast reduction and reshaping
  • While some mothers have the too big breasts problem, some mothers find their breasts shrinking. For them, Chennai Plastic Surgery has the best Breast implant available and also perform Breast lift
  • Pregnancy has different ways of changing a woman’s body and skin. Sometimes, mothers have pregnancy-induced pigmentation that may not go away after the baby is born. For such situations, Chennai Plastic Surgery offers specially formulated skin lightening treatment

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