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Mole and Skin Tag Removal India

Moles: Moles are growths on the skin which is formed due to accumulation of melanocytes. (melanocytes are pigment producing cells of our skin). So when do these moles appear? Moles can either be present at birth or during adolescence. They can appear due hormonal changes and also due severe sun exposure in childhood. Usually moles do not change in color, size and they are not itchy or painful, if it happens then you need a consultation.

Skin tags: Skin tags are another type of growths on the skin which are not cancerous. These are seen mostly on the face, arm pits, neck and in the groin region. The main reason being high insulin levels, weight gain, especially fluctuation in weight and friction happening to the adjacent skin.

Should I get it removed is a frequent question. Well, YES is the answer if it bothers you and if it is unappealing. There are a few ways to remove a skin tag and a mole.

  • Cauterization of skin tags: Burning with electric current which leaves a scab and eventually this scab falls off in a few days.
  • Cryotherapy for skin tags: Liquid nitrogen is used to freeze and destroy the skin tags.
  • Excision: Moles can be excised and can be sutured leaving behind a fine scar.

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