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Serdev Non Surgical Bodylift and Facelift

The idea to look good is an inherent part of everybody’s self image. Almost everyone has a few irregularities which they wish to get rid off. The best way to get rid of most of such defects are surgical. For example the best way to regain a young and youthful appearance in the face of an aging person is by surgical facelift, likewise correction of a sagging and loose breast to attain a perfect shape is a breast lift. The list is long but the best treatment available is surgical.

But then many people do not opt for these procedures because of a few common reasons. They are the scars that are produced by these procedures, the temporary pain, swelling the hospital stays and the associated down time.

Well, if only there is a technique which is not associated with all these problems but can give very similar results and it can also be used to correct smaller problems also.

Chennai plastic surgery, for the first time introduces such a technique, which is time tested, with no scars, minimal pain & swelling, with no overnight hospital stay but achieves the near perfect results of surgeries.

The Serdev Technique of using closed loops of sutures allows us to correct aging changes and restore youthful appearance to areas like the face, breast, thighs among many parts of the body. The procedure is done under local anaesthesia. It involves a few small holes made with needles through which the threads are passed and sagging unyouthful body parts are resuspened to attain the desired results. The technique is also used to volumise a few places like the cheecks, chin, & buttock. The technique can also be used to improve upon the nose and create cheek dimples.

As such the whole list is

  1. forehead lift
  2. eye brow lift
  3. cheek lift
  4. cheek enhancement
  5. mid face lift
  6. neck lift
  7. chin enhancement
  8. check and chin dimple creation
  9. nose tip correction
  10. wide nose correction
  11. breast enhancement a
  12. breast lift
  13. inner thigh lift
  14. buttock enhancement
  15. buttock lift
  16. correction of sagging skin of the abdomen

though the results are not as long lasting as surgeries, they typically last for atleast two years and the best part is there are no scars and nearly no down time.

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