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Inverted Nipple Correction India

Indications for an inverted nipple correction.

The inverted nipple correction is not warranted for just cosmetic reasons, but also to alleviate breast feeding issues in a few cases. The degree of inversion varies from person to person, demanding different types of nipple correction procedures.

Making the decision.

The condition is categorized into 3 degrees based on extent of inversion. While the least inversion can be corrected non surgically, the other 2 require surgery.

Grade 1. This can be rectified using suction or something as simple as stylish nipple pierce. Also, sutures can be placed outside the nipple to reshape it.

Grade 2. In this case, a minimal surgery is required to access any underlying fibrous tissue and release it so that the nipple can assume an outward appearance. The milk ducts remain unaffected in this process.

Grade 3. This is the most severe of the three. Here, the surgeon has to release the underlying fibrous tissue and replace the tissue beneath the nipple with grafts. However, you may not be able to breastfeed in the future and can expect a certain loss of nipple sensation.

What to expect during the consultation?

At Chennai Plastic Surgery, our Cosmetic / Plastic Surgeon shall examine your breasts to assess the grade of inversion and advice the appropriate treatment plan.

What to expect before the procedure?

You will be advised to stop smoking at least four weeks before surgery. Besides, the surgeon shall advice you to avoid certain medications such as Aspirin (blood thinning agents).

How is the procedure performed?

At Chennai Plastic Surgery, our skilled Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeons perform the procedure under local anaesthesia, IV sedation and local anaesthesia, or general anaesthesia (preferably) depending on your comfort. The procedure lasts up to 30 minutes.

The surgeon will make a small incision spanning a few mm at the base of the nipple. This is followed by a gentle releasing of the fibers within the nipple that have been causing the inward pull. The nipple then sets free and assumes a normal, outward position following which special sutures are placed around the base of the nipple to add stability in retaining the outward projection.

At Chennai Plastic Surgery, our surgeons go a step further. They also supplement to stability of the corrected nipple by harvesting fat from a suitable region in your body and injecting it under the nipples.

What to expect after the inverted nipple correction surgery?

The nipples will be covered with comfortable surgical dressing material. If the inversion has been extreme, the dressing can stay up to 2 weeks. If dissolvable sutures have been used, you don’t have to visit the clinic to have the sutures removed but a follow up visit to the surgeon is a must to rule out any infection. Common occurrences are bruising and swelling that shall naturally subside.

You can return to normal activities almost immediately but often depends on the level of correction involved. You will be advised to avoid sexual activity and other strenuous tasks for 7 to 10 days.

The nipples will gradually assume normal shape, though it might appear a little swollen during the healing phase. You can also expect tenderness and sensation changes in the region.

What are the risks associated with the procedure

Though a relatively safe procedure, nipple inversion correction surgery involves a certain risk of infection, which is common in most surgeries. Besides, there could be a loss of blood supply to nipple and a reduction in nipple sensation.

The major drawback of an extensive inverted nipple correction surgery is that you may not be able to breastfeed again as the milk ducts that channel the milk from the breast glands to the nipple are tampered in the process.

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