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Neck lift or lower rhytidectomy is a procedure to surgically tighten and suspend muscles of the neck. The goal of any neck lift is to tighten the skin, diminish wrinkled appearance and reduce sagging. It is most suited for healthy individuals between 45 to 55 years of age with complaints of neck laxity resulting from the ongoing aging process.

Indications for a neck lift.

  • Excess fat accumulation along with skin relaxation in the lower face creating jowls
  • Excess fatty deposits below the chin
  • Saggy neck skin
  • Muscle banding in the neck resulting in abnormal contours

What to expect during the consultation?

During the consultation, our surgeons at Chennai Plastic Surgery will discuss below aspects:

– Skin type
– Skin elasticity
– Bone structure of your jaw
– Ethnicity
– Detailed medical history
– Mental and emotional attitude

Upon a consideration of all the above, your surgeon will advice the most suitable technique for the neck lift.

What to expect before the procedure?

You will be advised to stop smoking at least four weeks before surgery. Besides, the surgeon shall advice you to avoid certain medications such as Aspirin (blood thinning agents).

How is the procedure performed?

At Chennai Plastic Surgery, neck lift is performed under general anesthesia by our team of skilled Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeons. The procedure typically takes between 2 to 3 hours. There are 3 types of neck lift to choose from:

– Mini neck lift
– Neck liposuction
– Combination neck lift

In all of the above techniques, incisions are strategically located under the chin and/or behind ears.

Mini neck lift. The procedure releases the muscle from the skin, following which the neck muscles are pulled and tightened (CERVICOPLASTY). The overlying skin is pulled back, tightened, held in place, excess skin excised and the remaining sutured. Sometimes, the sutures are replaced with a special type of adhesive glue.

Neck liposuction. A neck lift in combination with liposuction along the jaw line can yield very promising outcomes.

Yet another neck lift procedure, referred to as PLASTYSMAPLASTY is aimed at reducing the banded appearance of the neck. Here, our surgeons will insert a tiny specialized instrument to realign or remove specific portions of the neck muscles, thereby tightening the middle area of the neck.

Combination neck lift. At Chennai Plastic Surgery, our team of skillful Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons prefer to combine a neck lift with a facelift as they understand that the overall outcome will be more gratifying and truly understand your aspiration to look young.


Direct neck excision Z-plasty remains as a gold standard for jowling and excess neck skin apart from the regular neck lift surgeries. This procedure has also been planned and adapted as a second stage revision after or along with a traditional face and neck lift for patients whose skin is thick or thin with creepy and inelastic nature.

Direct neck excision specifically targets in addressing cervical ptosis and skin laxity. The wound tension is shifted through Z-plasty that takes care of scarring and poor aesthetics of neck skin post-surgery. This technique yields high satisfactory outcome when the patient selection is specific with aging changes and desires.


  • Patients with neck aging with minimal jowling.
  • Patients Skeptical about face lift.
  • Patients desiring to correct only the neck laxity.

Advantages of direct neck excision Z-plasty:

  • Minimal recovery time since it is a small procedure.
  • Gives dramatic change in submental aesthetics.
  • Drain is not necessary.
  • Corrects inelastic and excessive skin where liposuction and regular neck lifts won’t work.

Disadvantages of direct neck excision Z-plasty:

  • Only the anterior neck is improved.
  • Sometimes the vertical scar may be unfavorable.
  • Drain is not necessary.
  • Not a substitute for face lift.
BEFORENaso Labial Fold
AFTERNaso Labial Fold


BEFORENaso Labial Fold
AFTERNaso Labial Fold


What to expect after the neck lift surgery?

Our surgeons suggest that you keep your head elevated when lying down. A small drain tube will be temporarily placed under the skin to drain any fluid collection. Swelling and bruising to some extent after the procedure is unavoidable but can be kept to a minimum with cold compressions. The dressing is often removed in a day or two.

Clients generally take 2 to 4 weeks to recover and resume work. Scars can be easily camouflaged with the appropriate hairdo / concealer and tend to disappear as they mature.

At Chennai Plastic Surgery, the patient is typically discharged the very same day. However, at the end of 24 and 48 hours, they may have to visit the center for our surgeon to redress and check for any fluid accumulation or infection. You will need to wait for at least 6 months for the complete healing.

Our clients are permitted to bathe and shower on day 3 following surgery. Care should be taken while combing hair. They are advised not to rub, wash or massage their neck unless our surgeons advise to do so.

What are the risks associated with the procedure

Neck lifts are safe. However, a loss of sensation along the incision sometimes occurs. Most often it is temporary and will settle in a few days. Very rarely, it could result in paralysis resulting from nerve injury. The only sensible way to avoid such complications is to select an experienced and qualified surgeon. And following the surgeon’s instructions will help resolve the issues to a great extent.

Other than this, a few issues that might occur are:

  • Infections
  • Scarring

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