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Inability to retract the penile foreskin is called phimosis. This condition can lead to many problems like recurrent urinary tract infection, ulcers and even cancer on long run. The problem can occur in young children and also up to old aged men. Another common but embarrassing problem is the inability to indulge in intercourse. Attempting intercourse might result in forceful retraction and where the prepuce will for a choking ring around the penis and result in blood stagnation in the glans. This will lead to para-phimosis which is an emergency and a painful can also lead to permanent damage.

The problem is easily corrected by a simple local anesthetic procedure called circumcision. It is a surgical procedure in which the foreskin on the penis is removed partially to release the strangulating skin, but still maintain a healthy and a natural looking covering. This procedure is called as a preputioplasty and is slightly different from the original circumcision. Original circumcision results in total removal of the foreskin, leaving the tip exposed and this causes reduced sensation of the glans and also pigmentation.

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