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Chemical Peels India

Chemical peeling is a skin rejuvenation method with chemical application which helps to remove the superficial layers to deep layers of the skin along with the dead cells and blemishes.

There are various peels in different concentration such as Glycolic acid peels ( 25%, 50%, 70%), Trichloracetic acid (20%-50%) peels, Salicylic acid (30%,40%) Jessener’s peel, Blue peel. The appropriate peel to treat your skin condition will be discussed by your cosmetic physician.

Indication for chemical peels

Peeling results in a new regenerated skin which has a smooth-texture. It is useful in: Melasma (‘Mangu’), dark circles, dark pigmentation commonly caused by sun-damage, drug-reaction and birth-control pills. Superficial scars caused by acne respond well to chemical peels. It can be applied over any area of the body like face, arms or legs. Peels like Glycolic acid and Salicylic acid have an anti-inflammatory effect and are effective in management of acne.


Before chemical peeling, the skin has to be conditioned for 2-4 weeks with cleanser, toner, regular sun-screen and bleaching agents. This conditioning program helps to attain a better and a long-lasting result after a peel. Following the cleansing program for 2-4 weeks, you will be given an appointment for chemical peels.

Chemical peeling is an office procedure. The cosmetic physician will assess the skin condition and decide on the type of chemical peel required for exfoliation. The area to be peeled is first cleansed to remove excess oil. The peeling agent is then applied gently and evenly onto the area, till ‘end-point’ is achieved.
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