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Pre Geriatric Cosmetology India

Getting older can leave behind a skin which has its own irregular texture and spots with wrinkles. Pre geriatric cosmetology is an innovative and successful protocol by the cosmoglitz group for the patients above 45 years whose skin needs a special care. Fine lines, wrinkles, age spots … These are the signs of ageing which is inevitable. The wrinkly and droopy skin is a result of many changes going on beneath the layers of the skin such as collagen depletion and for many years we have been trying to find ways against them until these sandwich techniques were introduced by us to the limelight. Here, we offer treatments to target the aged skin by revitalising the tissues through radio frequency and ultra-sonic rays followed by anti-aging chemical therapy. These programs boosts up your aged skin by remodelling the lost elasticity.

The RF flash for your skin:

Non-ablative radiofrequency is a treatment used to improve the skin laxity. The goal is to voluntarily damage the collagen which heals in a better way promoting the collagen formation. The treatment involves machines which will heat the underlying fat maintaining a temperature on the skin so that the skin is not damaged. The obvious flabby and wrinkly facial skin and/ other parts of the body will reduce and gets contoured.

Safe acids for your skin:

Anti-aging chemical therapy has an effect on tissues with less elasticity and when there is a reduction in self-rejuvenating factor. When the skin begins to heal after the damage caused to the layers of tissues by the chemicals so called the ‘safe acid ‘, after which increased cell growths produces a healthier and more youthful skin. These safe acids work underneath your skin to achieve the desired results. We offer 5 different varieties of chemical exfoliants to remodulate your collagen. The form of chemicals will be decided once you finish your skin analysis. These cosmetic collagen modulating agents are safe and can be even more safer when it is done as a clinical peel procedure.


The choice of dermal fillers and BOTOX falls amongst the most familiarised phase of treating wrinkles and aging signs of skin. Wrinkle relaxing treatment is done worldwide to treat millions of people and is considered the most familiar non- surgical treatment. BOTOX can either be PREVENTIVE, PREJUVINATIVE or PROTECTIVE factor for the aged skin. This is a small in-clinic procedure to target the static and dynamic wrinkles where the downtime is really less. As far as fillers are concerned, the downtime is few hours to a day.

Thread lifts:

Lifting my saggy facial skin surgically is ideal for me but what if it could be done in a less invasive way as I am entering old age becoming less pain tolerant? In that list, thread lift plays a vital role in treating the saggy skin in elderly. Thread lifts are of many types which will be chosen once you finish your first line consultation. The beauty of this procedure is the Down time which is even more less.

Hand rejuvenation:

The dorsum of an attractive, youthful hand has a fullness with fat which obscures the tendons and veins. As we age this fullness disappears leaving a thin and skinny hand with veins engorged. Rejuvenation of aging hands by fat grafting is a well-accepted procedure which involves the transferring your body’s own fat to the hands. It is a simple technique to make your dorsum of your hands look younger. Though laser resurfacing and chemical peels offer some changes to the skin of the hands, such treatments have not demonstrated with the same predictability as in the face. Fat grafting has desired results which is a permanent remedy for the above mentioned issue due to age factor.

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