Sometimes, inner beauty remains within. And sometimes, you need to show off what you truly are. Attention is not a bad thing. It gets you noticed, and remembered. Often, beauty gets acknowledged through compliments. Every person has the right to feel beautiful because every person is beautiful.

Growing old biologically is inevitable. But looking great throughout your life is an option science offers you.

Love handles are not lovely. Thunder thighs that bulge out like wings on either side of the hips spoil an otherwise sleek silhouette. A post delivery tummy tells everybody you are ‘mommy’ even before your little one utters the word. Most often, no amount of exercise smoothens out fat pockets.

I met up with a cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Kathik and discussed the liposuction procedure, which is on a lot of minds today.

Thankfully, there is a solution. “It is called High Definition Liposculpture. This advanced procedure removes fat cells, giving your body the lightness, a look and a sculpted feel,” says Dr. Karthik, a renowned, young Cosmetic Surgeon who runs Chennai Plastic Surgery in Chetpet, Chennai.

Fat has ways of accumulating in the oddest of places. Once it makes an appearance, its stays. Stubborn and unyielding. Like in Aparna’s case. She had a very strange problem. While other women get bulges or their tummy, hips or thighs, she found the fat cells in her calves and legs swelled up stubbornly. Her calves and her thighs looked and measured the same – well, almost, and it was depressing her. Liposuction was the only answer. She flew down from the UK especially to get the procedure done. “I am extremely happy about the procedure. All the post operative swelling and the pain is now reduced. I can actually see the reduction. I am very happy especially about my calves and lower legs. They’ve reduced to almost half the original size. I measured the circumference before and after surgery.” Aparna said six weeks later.

However, there is a down side to procedures. “You need to maintain your body by following a proper nutrition and exercise plan. Working out at least four to five times a week for 45 minutes is a must,” Dr. Karthik makes no bones about it. Liposuction is a motivation factor. Only a means to an end – the end being a healthy lifestyle.

While many people do not mind admitting to have undergone a procedure, many others do not. Irrespective of their requirements, Dr. Karthik says, “I do not discuss my cases with anybody, because every patient is different.”