“Six pack abs have their origins in Greek mythology. Today, with time and technology advances, those six packs are available to all men, Greek or not. Thanks to body sculpture.”

At one time, it was thought that the six pack was a passing fantasy. The passing of time has proved that thought wrong. Many men still crave a clear definition of their pectoral muscles. Known as the abdominal etching procedure, it actually enhances the patient’s athletic profile.Luckily, the procedure itself is done with minimal scarring if performed with the utmost of care. A cosmetic surgeon is an artist, only he has no second chances. Uniform removal of tissue may produce an adolescent, nonmuscular appearance, which is not what patients want. They don’t need to come to a cosmetic surgeon for an adolescent look. For that they only need to go on a diet. Today’s man craves the exaggerated muscular physique.

6 Pack Abs can be enhanced with etching

They want one that stays put without literally living in the controlled, rather obsessive, time consuming environments of a gym – nobody in this fast paced world with so much happening really has the time or the inclination to do it. Imagine how boring life would be if all you did was wake up, watch your diet, and workout in a gym with no thought of making a living, meeting friends or having fun. According to me there are better things to do in life besides hours of weight training and protein shakes.

It is with these thoughts and meetings with like minded people, that I went ahead with my plan of the surgical creation of six pack abs.

Before the surgery, though I ensure my patients are ready and committed. I consult with them for at least 45 minutes to one hour. Spending time with them helps me understand what exactly they need, their objective of getting their six packs exposed.


The procedure itself involves first inscribing the abdominal fat to mark out the muscles. I have to know exactly where the patient’s muscles are located. When the patient is lying down a pinch test is performed on the abdomen and chest. This is done to check on the depth of the fat covering the pectorals and abdominal muscles. I then ask my patient to flex his abdominal muscles so that they can be correctly outlined. Tiny incision points are marked.

The procedure is performed under general aesthesia.

Using a 4 mm cannula, I suction out the fat from the areas marked. Visible depressions are created. They outline the muscles, giving the patient his desired six packs.

Post Operative Care:

Foam adhesive strips are placed over the area to be etched. These are then covered with elastic bandages. They will remain in place for five to seven days.

The patient has to wear compression garments to maintain pressure on the treated areas and help the skin to adapt to the change in structure faster. The compression garments are to be worn for a couple of weeks.

While this is a quick fix method, constant care needs to be taken. Every patient needs to exercise for at least 40 minutes four times a week and watch what they eat. If negligent, chances are the fat may return in other parts of the body.

As part of the procedure, my patients meet a dietician who gives them personalized guidelines on meal plans and snacks.


Results take a couple of months to settle in and show.  Only then will his body look proportionate and Greek-god like. I cannot emphasise this enough: exercise is a must. So is watching what you eat. Moderation is the key.