Small changes can make a big difference

“Little by little, we gave you everything you ever dreamt of”. At the start of a brand new year, Chennai Plastic Surgery introduces yet another unique procedure – LUNCH HOUR EXPRESS HAIR TRANSPLANT.

The technique essentially involves relocating hormone insensitive hair units from the back of the scalp to the balding areas. The technique does not involve sutures or stitches of any sort. But, if you were to ask how different it is from any other hair transplant procedure, here it is. Imagine getting hair grafted without having to step into an operation theatre or without having to go under the knife or without having to get sedated. That’s how EXPRESS HAIR TRANSPLANT differs from the rest.

Now why would anyone want to risk getting hair transplanted in a lunch break and return to work? Anyone from the current generation (caught up in the rat race) would readily agree that EXPRESS HAIR TRANSPLANT is a big boon. The NIL downtime enables office goers to get back to work in full vigor and without having to take a day off at work. Well, what if we were to tell you that they could walk out looking quite the way they were before they walked in or even better? They don’t have to shave the complete donor area unlike the major hair transplants as the overlying long hair can be used to cover up the trimmed donor area.

The procedures are chargeable on a per session basis. Every session shall involve engrafting about 100 to 150 follicular units. There are no limitations to the number of sessions one can opt for, provided they don’t run out of follicles in the donor areas.

Now to answer your question on – Am I an ideal candidate? The EXPRESS HAIR TRANSPLANT is primarily indicated for balding triangular areas of the forehead. Besides, if you are someone with “hair loss between the hairs” – often resulting from genetic balding, the EXPRESS HAIR TRANSPLANT is probably the treatment of CHOICE. This technique can aid in adding density in regions where hair still exists but is sparse and “few and far between”.