Sometime even after a clear explanation of the Soprano Alma laser which is a pain free laser hair removal they sit with nervousness about the pain, but once they take up the first shot of laser they feel very relaxed. Soprano laser gives them a warm feel, especially people who have faced other kind of laser feel very happy with soprano laser.

In 1st sitting 30%-40% of their hair disappears, eventually Patient turns up for their 2nd sitting happily. Laser treatment require repeated visit to get their hair reduced, for the patient to schedule visit anywhere from 6 month to year. The maintenance visit won’t be as original, but are necessary if the patient want to remove the hair that stays.

Any part of the body can be treated with Soprano laser on face upper lip , chin, side lock ,neck arms, leg abdomen ,back ,bikini, under arms .Patient who starts with single area to be treated always ends up doing multiple areas. The pain free Soprano Alma laser is very safe to use even in sensitive area and patient find it comfortable with Pain Free Soprano laser.