Becoming a mother has more blessings than you can count. Yet, it changes a woman’s body. Her muscle tone declines: the tummy sags, breasts lose their shape etc. especially in the midsection of her body. Chennai Plastic Surgery (CPS) can restore girlish confidence and shape. A consultation with our Chief Cosmetic Surgeon Dr. Karthik Ram, will help you decide on the kind of procedures your body requires.
The Chennai Plastic Surgery team of experts take care of you and your unique beauty needs.

mommy makeover

Our list of services for mothers and others include:

  • In places where exercise will not work, liposuction or tummy tuck help you get the pre-pregnancy shape back.
  • Breasts sag. Sometimes they get flabby, too big, even. The CPS team are experts at breast reshaping and reduction.
  • Some mothers find their breasts shrinking, wrinkling up. For them, CPS has fat fills and internationally approved breast implants available.
  • Pregnancy changes a woman’s body and skin. Mothers have pregnancy induced pigmentation that doesn’t disappear after the baby is born. For such situations, CPS offers individualized peels.