Today, non-invasive aesthetic procedures that are affordable, pain free and, most importantly, effective for body contouring and skin tightening are a necessity rather than a luxury. Pain and the time needed for long drawn out recoveries belong in the past. Science advancement and effective use of technology has brought a new machine, the Exilis from BTL Industries, Inc. USA. It has been tried, tested, found effective and is taking the Cosmetic Surgery world by storm because of the results it delivers, in much shorter spans of time.

How Exilis works

“Exilis delivers precise thermal energy in a way that is targeted to the individual’s body and fat pockets. The machine is quite a wonder worker. It is used quite effectively for anti-aging procedures as well.”

In Chennai, Exilis procedures are conducted by Chennai Plastic Surgery.

“It is virtually pain free,” says Dr. Karthik, Chief Cosmetic Surgeon at Chennai Plastic Surgery. “Patients undergoing treatment feel tolerable, almost massage like warmth for which no local anaesthesia is needed.” No cuts, no nips and as a result no scarring of the skin occurs.

Using the Exilis, procedures like facelifts, liposuctions, arm lifts, wrinkle removals or even tummy tucks can be done quite comfortably. “Earlier, a lot of people did not get the looks or the bodies they desired because of the fear of surgery and it’s after effects. But, now, this device can contour the body, make fat layers thinner, tighten skin even on the face and neck to give it a younger more appealing, wrinkle free look,” explains Dr. Karthik.

“I found the most remarkable improvement has been in the texture and tone of the skin. It becomes very pretty, pores are reduced, colour and texture also gets better. The change is striking,” says Chennai Plastic Surgery Dermatologist, Dr. Janani who is very pleased with the results she sees the Exilis making. While it works very well on younger skin, it can also transform older skin. Doctors who have used it on people in their 70s and even 80s report remarkable improvement.

Sometimes, people undergoing treatments are a little apprehensive about the temperature getting too hot for comfort. The Exilis has overcome that apprehension with a built in temperature sensor that is in the hand piece, making it easy for temperature readings. “It is a very thoughtful innovation,” Dermatologist Dr. Bharavi observes. “Besides being safe and convenient, it is efficient as it keeps the temperature from becoming too hot and additionally helps with consistency in the results we see in our patients.”

Many doctors have switched to Exilis throughout the world. Most popular areas that show extraordinary differences is body shaping and skin tightening on both the body and the face. The jowls, the neck, the arms, abdomen, thighs, and even around the knees have shown visible slimming, skin improvement and tightening. “Some doctors even use the Exilis for eyebrow lifting,” Dr. Karthik observes.

The skin too becomes very smooth. It loses all its uneven graininess, bumps and wrinkles while becoming fairer. So remarkable are the changes for the better, that friends and relatives will appreciate your new glow.

For those who need that extra push to motivate them into losing those extra bulges, but are afraid or have reservations about ‘going under the knife’ the Exilis provides an alternate option. It not only tones the body and using it can tighten the skin too.

“This machine goes as deep as up to 2.5 cm, and it tightens the skin by heating the dermis,” explains Dr. Karthik. “I have seen some great results on hips, thighs, abdomen, back and bra fat.”

In some cases where the fat deposits run deep, the Exilis can be used both pre and post liposuction for optimal body contouring results. It helps reduce irregularities and smoothens out even the slightest of bulges.

Exilis: a contemporary need

In today’s world, people are constantly running out of time. Many of them wish their day had 36 hours instead of 24, and think if they take time off they will miss out on something important in their work life.

“Many of my patients are afraid they will lose their job if they take extended periods of time off,” says Dr. Karthik. The Exilis, for them, is an idea whose time has come. Even new mothers who are under pressure to get back to work sans mommy belly find their answer in the Exilis. In a series of six to eight sessions using this machine, most of them have seen significant flattening and tightening of skin around the belly. In fact, the results show quite significantly after the third session itself.

What makes Exilis so effective?

As with other Radio Frequency devices, Exilis produces heat in the tissues, which stimulates collagen production. Now, collagen production naturally means skin tightening. In essence, RF increases water rotation within molecules in the tissue. Another great advantage is Exilis’ colour blindness. In essence that means an Exilis trained technician can use it on all skin types.

For fat reduction, the Exilis’ cooling system allows focused RF energy to reach the deeper layers of fat. This ability makes it very useful for treating sensitive areas among men who suffer from Gynecomastia, as it leaves no scars in the area it works on.


Since there is no anaesthesia, actual surgery or hospital stay required, using the Exilis has proved to be far less expensive than regular surgical procedures. Costs can be further reduced when patients opt for the package pricing as these come at a discount. Over and above the cost benefit, the results seen are significant and the procedures are safe. There is no cutting or piercing of the skin, therefore no chance of infection. It also means no swelling or scarring. In fact, the Exilis treatment is like a hot stone massage in a spa, with the added benefits of a better looking and shaped you.Guide May/June