Collagen feeding sessions took off in full swing. On my way home, I stopped by to get stocked up on garlic, organic eggs, extra virgin olive oil, green tea and some strawberries. While at it, I picked up an electric kettle to heat water for my gallons of tea and a large flask to keep the water hot right besides my desk.

Hubby called even before I signed on the dotted line. The credit card providers lost no time in SMS-ing him my expenses.

“That’s a lot of money you are spending,” he almost screamed.

“Shhhhh… Collagen is listening,” I whispered.

“Who?” he said even louder. I could feel Collagen getting uneasy. Quickly I patted both my cheeks as the bemused cashier waited for me to return my credit card slip and his pen.

Hubby wouldn’t understand. Ever.

“I scurried home soon enough to make garlic chutney. Garlic pods doused in olive oil were baked into a crisp snack. Green tea began being sipped.”

“I just needed some green tea, an electric kettle to boil water, a flask to keep it hot next to my desk, and a tray that it all can fit into so it all looks neat and uncluttered.”

“Very well. Stop right now. And. Go. Straight. Home,” he said each word clearly, sounding like he meant it.

I scurried home soon enough to make garlic chutney. Garlic pods doused in olive oil were baked into a crisp snack. Green tea began being sipped. The air was warm and pungent with strong aromas. Like an Italian house, I guessed. I was happy till the rest of the family arrived home.

“Has all the garlic in our block caught fire or something?” my child wanted to know. “I thought someone was going hammer and tongs at garlic, and then as I came closer to our house, I realized it was us. What are you up to, Ma?”

“She’s feeding someone called Collagen who lives inside her.” Hubby willingly filled the daughter in.


“That is exactly what I want to know. Who?” Hubby had an ally.

“You’ll never understand,” I said softly as I bit into some toast slathered with olive oil and freshly made garlic chutney. It was very well for her. She was young and had a lovely skin. All plump and glowing. Hubby did not care how his Collagen behaved.

“She sends out fumes of garlic every time she breathes,” he spoke like I was not around. “One week of this Collagen feeding is going to be torturous.”

“It’s not just a week, honey,” I informed him. “This change is for life.”

Slowly as the days passed, everybody settled into eating garlic in everything. It was for their Collagen as well. And my next appointment with Exilis rolled around. I entered Chennai Plastic Surgery with a big, bright smile and was greeted by appreciative looks, till I opened my mouth. Then everybody else ran a mile. The girl who worked on Exilis wore a mask for the first time. Our conversation was minimal. I, on the other hand felt Collagen responding in a positive way to the warmth of the Exilis probe as it coaxed my willing Collagen to the surface.

Till I met Dr. K. He covered his nose too. “Garlic is good, but no need to have it for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks,” he said as gently as he could. “Your skin looks nice and shiny. Collagen is responding.” Talk of diplomacy.

If this was the way I looked at week 5, imagine what week six and after would hold. I almost skipped out of Chennai Plastic Surgery, with a big smile on my face.