You’ve already decided to get breast implants during breast augmentation surgery, but you aren’t sure which one would be the best for your goals. This guide from Chennai Plastic Surgery will help you understand the options that are available to you.

Types of Breast Implants

Two of the most popular breast implant types include silicone breast implants and saline breast implants.

Silicone Implants

Silicone implants are made of a soft silicone gel that mimics the look and feel of your natural breast tissue. They require long-term care and check-ups to maintain their safety and appearance. Silicone implants are typically problem-free, but if an implant ruptures, the gel could cause complications if it leaks into your breast.

Saline Implants

Saline implants are filled with sterile saltwater. They sometimes feel firmer or less natural than silicone implants and may sometimes create a rippled appearance in your tissue. If a saline implant breaks, your body should absorb and eliminate the fluid without experiencing any complex or dangerous side effects.

Choosing the Right Implants for You

The right breast implants will be sized and shaped to flatter your figure and give you the look you desire.

Implant Size

Choosing the right implant size may be the biggest decision of your breast augmentation plans because the size of the implants will have the greatest effect on the look of your bustline. Breast implants come in a range of sizes that suit a variety of body types. The size of an implant usually correlates to its volume, measured in cubic centimeters (cc), and its dimensions.

The three parameters that determine the size of a breast implant are:


Small breast implants are usually between 150 cc and 200 cc in volume. Most women choose medium implants between 300 cc and 350 cc in size. Large implants have a volume greater than 400 cc.


The diameter of a breast implant describes its base width, which determines the shape of the outline of the breast. Breast implant diameters can vary from 7.4 cm to 17.2 cm.


The distance that your breast implants will project outward from the chest describes their implant profile. Profiles can range from low to moderate to ultra-high, according to the aesthetic outcome they create.

When you have your first consultation with our team at Chennai Plastic Surgery, you may be thinking of the cup size you would like to have after surgery. Since cup sizes can be inaccurate and body types differ, it’s a good idea to be open-minded.

Bring along pictures of women who share your desired look, so we can work with you to find the right implant size. You may also be able to experiment with a range of implant volumes by trying on external fill-ins in our office.

Body Shape

The right breast implants will be proportional to your figure. We will evaluate your body profile and suggest an implant size based on the shape and dimensions of your chest wall and breast envelope.

The position of your breasts also affects how they look. We may need to lift your breast tissue in addition to adding implants to correct sagging and give you a perky, well-contoured look.


When you’re selecting your breast implants, you should take your lifestyle into account. The size and type of implants you choose should be compatible with your daily activity level. If you regularly engage in strenuous work, exercise, or sport, small or medium implants are likely to serve you best.

Also, consider if you prefer to show cleavage or keep your breasts covered to complement your clothes, or if you prefer to go braless when you dress, because these factors should influence your choice.

Personal Preference

Of course, your personal aesthetic ideals will influence your choice of breast implants. Some women prefer a full and noticeable enhancement, while others are seeking a more subtle change. When you like the idea of the look you want to achieve, we’ll able to help you choose implants that fit your chest well.

It’s also important to consider how you want your breasts to feel after surgery. Most people believe that silicone implants look and feel more natural than saline implants.

Consult with Chennai Plastic Surgery

Chennai Plastic Surgery has a team of thoughtful, experienced plastic surgeons across India and other countries who perform breast augmentation with your goals in mind. From understanding what breast augmentation entails to helping you decide on the right breast implants for you, our medical team will be by your side.

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