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Show Some Skinterest!

SIMPLE WAYS TO DEAL WITH ACNE Skin is a protective organ. Dry, oily, mixed, uneven, so many terminologies to describe the skin. Whatever the skin type, it is ideal to protect and maintain your skin with nutrients. That acne will occur only in adolescence, is a myth. Breakouts are not limited to teens. Adrenal hormones […]

Treating Acne – Part 2

So I hope my previous blog has helped you understand the transition of that little black microcomedo to that fierce red pimple . In this post , ill talk to you about how you can identify the type of acne you have and the ways to treat it accordingly . So you wake up one […]

Adult Acne: Fight it (Series 1)

Adult Acne Treatment Chennai

Let’s admit it, who doesn’t want a Zen complexion? Wouldn’t it be great if we woke up every day to clear soft supple looking skin. Where we no longer fret about using that expensive foundation to hide all the uneven patches and blemishes on our face. Unfortunately almost all of us will wake up one […]


You know those days when you are just waiting to step out in your Sunday best and a last minute peek at the mirror reveals a bright red spot in the middle of the right cheek. Pimple outbreaks are quite common, especially among adolescents, but the sight of a zit is enough to dampen the […]

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