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FAQs: International Gender Reassignment Surgery India

Welcome to Chennai Plastic Surgery, spend the next few minutes with us to learn more about gender reassignment surgery in India. We understand that pursuing gender-affirming procedures is a deeply personal and significant journey, and we are here to guide you through the process. Read on as we address the essential criteria and shed light […]

Understanding Gynecomastia: Causes, Treatment, and Impact on Men’s Health

Gynecomastia, often referred to as “man boobs,” is a condition that causes the enlargement of breast tissue in males. Although not often discussed openly, it’s a relatively common concern among men, affecting individuals of all ages and backgrounds. Gynecomastia can have a significant impact on self-esteem, body image, and overall well-being. Understanding its causes, available […]

Dr. Karthik Ramasamy was interviewed by Dr. Mark Albert

We are delighted to announce that our esteemed cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Karthik Ramasamy, was interviewed by Dr. Mark Albert in relation to our recent publication in Aesthetic Surgery Journal Open Forum . During the course of this podcast, Dr. Ramasamy imparted his extensive knowledge and expertise concerning the treatment of Gynaecomastia over the past decade […]

Full and Beautiful Lips with Lip Augmentation

Close-up portrait of attractive girl with fuller lips, touching chin

Are you unhappy with the way your lips look? A lot of women and men feel like their lips are too thin and lack that smooth and plump appearance that can add so much to their entire look. In these cases, the size and appearance of the lips can be enhanced through lip augmentation. This […]

Recovering from a Facelift

Woman beauty healthy clean skin, hand touching face

A facelift is a surgical procedure that is performed to address severe signs of facial aging like sagging in the mid-face, jowls, deep facial creases, and folds, and more. No two patients are exactly alike and can have varying levels of facial aging severity. Because of this each facelift performed by our team of expert […]

Which Breast Procedure Is Right for Me?

A lot of women in the world are not quite happy with the appearance of their breasts, but the aesthetic issues they have with them are not always related to their small size. While breast augmentation is one of the most popular breast procedures, many women are unhappy with the overall shape and appearance of […]

Is Blepharoplasty Right for Me?

Close-up portrait of Caucasian middle-aged woman showing expression lines around eyes. Signs of aging on the face.

Blepharoplasty, also known as eyelid surgery, is a popular cosmetic procedure that can help to rejuvenate the appearance of the upper and lower eyelids. The eyelids are one of the areas of the face that can be heavily affected by aging and other factors that can lead to issues like eyelid sagging and puffy bags […]

Am I a Good Candidate for a Thigh Lift?

Toned thighs of a woman wearing white shorts

Are you bothered by the appearance of your thighs even after you have put in the work to lose weight and get in shape? Even if your thigh muscles are toned and strong, loose skin and small pockets of excess fat can completely ruin their appearance. Thankfully these issues can be addressed through a surgical […]

New Technology for Gynecomastia Correction

The field of cosmetic surgery has many areas of the body to deal with . However, gynaecomastia and the patients with this problem are very dear to me. Somewhere it’s the feeling that I have gone through the same at one point in my life. So there is always a deep rooted interest to give […]

The Benefits of a Breast Lift

Woman wearing black undergarments lifting her breast

When it comes to breasts, size is not everything. The shape of the breasts plays a huge role when it comes to their overall appearance. While breast augmentation is one of the most popular breast enhancement procedures, enhancing the shape of the breasts and their positioning can make a huge difference. That is why breast […]