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Malar Augmentation

Realizing the volume loss in aging individual and approaching facial plastic surgeon for the cosmetic surgery is becoming globally accepted fact. Many individuals have a compromised youthful features in their early life due to absence of malar prominence. Hence choosing the right option once there is volume loss or shifting of fat in mid face region should be addressed at the esthetic point of view on time.

Attractive malar prominence or high cheek bone is always considered to be the best in the concept of beauty. Malar augmentation is the most desired treatment of midface rejuvenation and has to be dealt carefully as it has to match the chin and nose prominence. Visually high cheek bone should be round, full and not too blunt to give you the contoured cheek.

Types of malar augmentation:

  • Autologous fat transfer.
  • Dermal filler.
  • Alloplastic malar augmentation using silicone implants.

Malar augmentation using fat is a day care surgical technique where your own fat is drawn either from tummy or thighs and then used to give volume for cheeks.

Malar augmentation using implants is also a day care surgical intervention where silicone implants are used to volumize and lift the cheeks.

Whereas, dermal filler is done as an in-clinic procedure to add volume to your cheeks when you are conscious and alert.

For years autologous fat transfer is a gold standard procedure for facial volumization, but dermal filler and chin implants are gaining more attention nowadays as the fat which is transferred as limited moldability with unpredictable resorption.