Wondering why your face is ceaselessly red or has breakout?

Rosacea is a chronic neurovascular disorder begins as a transient redness on centre of the face like cheeks, nose or sometimes forehead and chin which overtime become persistent and tiny blood vessels appear. If left untreated condition worsens and person may notice bumps and pimples, overtime eyes may appear blood shot and gritty. In severe cases nose become swollen with thickened skin, irregular surface and open pores termed as rhinophyma.

Rosacea is not contagious and is more common in fair skinned individuals and it may be difficult to diagnose in darker skin as erythema (redness) is masked making them less likely to visit the Doctor leading to delay in treatment. Sufferers sometimes mistakenly self-diagnose themselves as having acne and start anti-acne treatment which worsens rosacea.

Rosacea further can lead to emotional consequences leaving them sad depressed, socially inactive or modified behaviour. Patients may improve their chance of remission by avoiding trigger factors such as heavy exercises, stress, sunburn, and extreme temperature, including hot and spicy food.

Rosacea patients should adopt gentle skin care routine-mild face wash, soft towel to wipe face (avoid rubbing), use trimmer (avoid razor blade), use sunscreen. Visit dermatologist and ask for skin care product recommendation in addition to medical prescription.