One Chin Under Another

A roll and a fold of fat beneath your chin medically called as a submental fat is a quite annoying appearance felt by a person when it starts to show the severity. People often wonder to get rid of the ‘TURKEY CHIN’ appearance, until they are aware of the modalities. It is not important why it appeared, how to fight against is more of concern in young men and women nowadays. How many tricks you will follow starting from high – neck collars to wrapping the neck with scarfs to hide the underlying problem. So here are some useful implementations which will render an effective plan to get rid of this condition.


Most of the times it has a familial history and yes double chin runs in families.

It is also due to hypothyroidism [a condition where your thyroid hormone is secreted less in your body.

When your chin is small, the fat and skin behind your chin tends to sag leading to a double chin appearance.

Do not panic the moment you notice your saggy chin fat under another. There are lots and loads of opportunities to MELT away your double chin. Here are some well proven ways to correct your double chin in a less invasive way.

Usually self-corrected if it is due to thyroid. When thyroid hormone fluctuation is corrected, in turn double chin settles well.

Neck Exercises tones the muscles and does its job to some extent if the problem is minimal.

FDA approved Injections are available to treat double chin. Minimal pain injecting techniques are followed here. These kind of injections will absorb the fat in and around the chin region rendering the effects needed by the client. Sessions of these injections may do wonders.

EXILIS often referred as a non-surgical liposuction is the best treatment for double chin when done with sessions of fat burning injections. The effects are long lasting and does not reoccur when well maintained.

Surgical correction of double chin is relatively less painful and maximum comfortable. This is also clubbed with a neck lift to correct aged wrinkly appearance of neck muscle. For liposuction, Age is not a criteria, but Expectation plays an important role in here. Best results are achieved a few weeks post-surgery. Post-surgical care is also quite easy to be followed being a day care procedure.

Now bid good bye to the turkey chin …