MYTH #1:
Exercises to tone the chest muscles will reduce male breasts.
FACT #1:
On exercising, the glandular tissue and fat overlying the chest muscle tends to be pushed further outwards as the muscle enlarges. Infact body building exercises may make the male breast even more prominent.

MYTH #2:
Gynecomastia is triggered by Obesity.
FACT #2:
This is not always the case. You can often find very thin patients with huge breasts and heavy men with flat chests.

However, there is one type of Gynecomastia – Pseudgynecomastia that is formed by fat tissue layered over normal – sized male mammary glands. This usually occurs in obese people, where the production of female hormones is known to be higher and thereby the fat distribution follows a female pattern – resulting in increased fat deposits in the chests and hips.

gynecomastia in thin Patient

MYTH #3:
Gynecomastia can be overcome by dieting and/or fat burners.
FACT #3:
The surgeons world over hardly prescribe fat burners due to the long list of known side effects. There are some companies that still promote it but one has to keep in mind that it can reduce fat but will not help get rid of gland tissue.

Even in normal men, with dieting, chest fat is usually the last to go.


MYTH #4:
Gynecomastia can be addressed with topical creams and massages.
FACT #4:
There is no approved topical cream to date that can address chronic Gynecomastia. A quick look at the review on the net will help you understand the long list of customers who spent a fortune on them and did not benefit a bit.

Massages are usually the right remedy when the breast appears puffy in newborns but is usually futile for young men where the breast tissue is well developed.

MYTH #5:
Gynecomastia affects both breasts.
FACT #5:
Men with unilateral breast also do present to us.

MYTH #6:
Gynecomastia surgery is a MAJOR SURGICAL procedure
FACT #6:
Gynecomastia is often a day care procedure. The surgery spans for less than 1 or 2 hours. Patients can proceed home on the same day, once they recover from anesthesia. It is almost pain free and the patient can often resume routines almost the very next day.

It is a simple one step procedure and occasionally two steps. It may involve excision of excess breast glands, fat or a combination of the two.

Option 1 – In case of enlargement of fat tissue – Liposuction is performed via a thin cannula inserted into the fat layer to break down the fat tissue and lyse them.

Option 2 – In case of enlargement of mammary gland – Liposuction is performed first. Additional incisions need to be performed in order to get rid of mammary gland. Small incision is made around the area such that scar is unnoticeable.

Almost pain free Procedure

Almost pain free Procedure

MYTH #7:
Once can opt for surgery only after 18 years of age.
FACT #7:
Gynecomastia Surgery is the only cosmetic procedure that is ideal to opt for in very early years, almost in less than a year or two of attaining puberty if the male breasts dont resolve spontaneously by itself. Rightly put, it should be opted for, before the condition gets etched onto the mind of the boy to avoid any emotional / psychological distress.

MYTH #8:
Gynecomastia can relapse in the long run following surgery.
FACT #8:
As the gland is completely removed and excised, one can be sure that this condition will never return.

MYTH #9:
Gynecomastia impairs sexual vigor later in life
FACT #9:
The sexual vigor possibly can be expected to improve after the procedure and not diminish, considering the improved confidence. The surgery by itself will definitely not hamper the sexual stamina as it does not involve primary sex organs and only the secondary sexual characteristics.