Why Should Parents Worry For Their Sons?

Enlarged Male Breasts is a serious problem. Study shows that over 75% of young men (age group 25 to 35) suffer depression due to their enlarged male boobs or moobs as they are referred to and the fact they had to go through a lot of ‘teasing’. These men describe their teenage years as “torturous, pathetic, worse nightmare and painful.” Shyam (name changed on request), now 32, had his enlarged male breasts removed only at the age of 30. “You are always the centre of attraction for wrong reasons. I never felt happy to look at myself in the mirror. It demotivated me, I would never approach anyone to talk, never mingled well with any company and was mostly succumbed to teasing and people wanting to fondle me. It is not a good place to be. I suffered severe depression and even after I got my breasts removed, I feel great physically but my mind is taking a lot of time to come out of the shell. It has remained dormant for too long. I wish I had done the surgery earlier but I am looking forward for a complete healing” said Shyam who is taking giant steps to feel better.

Undoubtedly, teasing emotionally and physically puts one under a lot of stress. A man starts to doubt himself in the whole process. As parents, if your son has enlarged breasts, the only good thing to do would be to take him to a hospital as early as 13 years old. When such surgeries are done at a young age, a lot of painful moments can be avoided from happening in their future. It is only the parents who have to understand the importance of such surgery and provide the appropriate care for the child.

“Gynecomastia refers to enlargement of the male breasts and Gynecomastia treatment also known as male breast reduction. It involves the removal of fat and breast tissue, resulting in a chest that is flatter and better contoured” adds the Surgeons at Chennai Plastic Surgery.

It is a general myth that hardcore exercises and healthy diet can reduce such abnormal growth but the truth is, they do not. The way nature created men is to have a flat chest. If a man does not have one, it would be better to consult a doctor and proceed with the surgery at the earliest. Male breast reduction removes the excessive growth of breast tissue and the glands that cause it. The procedure is a simple minor surgery that requires the expertise of a qualified surgeon to create an attractive chest that is flatter and more masculine.

Besides conducting the surgery successfully, the Team at Chennai Plastic Surgery are highly equipped and trained to attend to the issues relating to depression caused on account of male breasts and have their own “highly workable and practical” ways to transform these men to normal human being, the way they are meant to be.