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Dr. Indumathi, India Cosmetic Surgeon

Dr. IndumathiDr. Indumathi
Cosmetic Surgeon

Dr Indumathi comes to Chennai Plastic Surgery with a wealth of knowledge and immense experience in the world of Cosmetic Surgery. Dedicating herself to the field, she has worked her way up beginning with the mandatory MS in General Surgery. She then followed her interest in the several fields of Cosmetic Surgery. The results she saw, motivated her into making Cosmetic Surgery her area of specialization. Her work, the precision she infuses and the care she takes win her patients’ trust and confidence. Dr. Indumathi specializes in reconstructive surgery, liposuction, hair transplants, fat transfer, rhinoplasty, breast reconstruction, breast augmentation and abdominoplasty. Her technical knowledge is vast and, for her, the learning curve never ends. Because Cosmetic Surgery is a rapidly advancing field where research and technology go hand in hand.