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Dr. James Roy Kanjoor, India Cosmetic Surgeon

Dr James Roy KanjoorDr James Roy Kanjoor
Cosmetic Surgeon

Dr. James Roy Kanjoor’s passion is Cosmetic Surgery. A surgeon with a difference, he believes his patients need to know exactly what each of the procedures involves and will go to great lengths to make sure they understand. Dr. Kanjoor’s specialty is in Wound Healing. The results he repeatedly achieves are excellent.

A string of qualifications follow Dr. Kanjoor’s name, as does the global experience he has gathered through the years.

Shuttling between his Cosmetic Surgery practice in Kuwait and Coimbatore, Dr. Kanjoor has done over 20,000 surgeries. Nothing teaches like experience does, and nothing is better than sharing your knowledge with others. Dr. Kanjoor has both – the knowledge and the generosity to share it. He does so at conferences and teaches at institutes. A believer in being up to date in knowledge, skill and technology, he attends workshops and seminars across the world.