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Dr. Talat Salim, India Trichologist

Dr. Talat SalimDr. Talat Salim

Dr. Talat Salim is a professional Trichologist (specializing in treatment of Hair and Scalp disorders) She is one of the very few Trichologists in South India. She completed her graduation from Dr. MGR Medical University Tamil Nadu. She was awarded Gold Medal for securing highest marks in her batch. She completed her post-graduation (Doctor of Medicine) in alternative medicines from Indian Board of Alternate Medicine, Calcutta. She graduated Tricology from ‘The Trichological Society London’ UK with highest honours. She is a fully qualified Trichologist and Licentiate of Trichological Society, UK.

Her unique specialism is the diagnosis, counselling and treatment of National & International patients suffering Scalp and Hair Diseases She has a wealth of expertise and experience in the successful treatment of the many conditions that can affect the hair and scalp.