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Ms.Theepa Karthik, India Chief Nutritionist

Ms. Theepa KarthikMs. Theepa Karthik
Chief Nutritionist

60% of your body weight depends on what you eat. Theepa Karthik, M. Phil and Chief Nutritionist at Chennai Plastic Surgery, is in charge of that 60%. Hers is the responsibility of guiding you through your daily food intake once you’ve had your liposuction and are motivated into maintaining your ideal weight.

Young and very knowledgeable, she has a deep interest in food, its cooking styles and methods. A genuinely dedicated nutritionist, she ensures her clients get personalized diet charts that they can easily adapt to, given their lifestyle.

Theepa’s background in food and its effects includes stints at Kovai Medical Centre & Hospital, Apollo Hospitals and two years as dietician at Kumran Hospitals.

Theepa Karthik’s knowledge of food science and her ability to adapt eating habits to fit into lifestyles, make her a favourite among Chennai Plastic Surgery’s liposuction clients. The diets she recommends are practical, easy to follow and effective.