Celebrity Liposuction is the ‘IN’ thing. We at Chennai Plastic Surgery prefer to give it a different name – ‘REAL LIFE PHOTOSHOP’ for that’s what it is.

Celebrity Liposuction or Liposculpture is what a Cosmetic Surgeon can do to mold your physical appearance by removing fat or leaving behind just enough fat to give it an enhanced aesthetic appeal. It entails removing resistant fat pockets, sculpting love handles, etching of abdominal muscles and creating contours/curves (some of them that never existed before). It is technically more demanding than liposuction in terms of time and experience.

If you were to ask why many celebrities resort to celebrity liposuction despite all other measures they take to stay in shape, here it is. Lets get this fact straight – THEY ARE NOT SO DIFFERENT FROM US. Though most celebrities watch their food intake and go on intense workouts, achieving the perfect shape is not always possible. There may be certain resistant fat pockets, which just refuse to disappear. The professional demands of those appearing on screen like perfect curves, size zeroes etc. can be achieved with celebrity liposuction. In the hands of experts, this procedure can deliver consistent results and is highly safe. At the end of the day, who will refuse a “little help” that makes a difference to their fans and paychecks?

The star in this video is a budding entrant in the film industry and her change in appearance has given her the biggest breakthrough she has been waiting for all her life. Click below to watch how we make it happen for this reel life star: