Arms in certain women always remain bulky and in fact sometimes it becomes more bulky. When you lose weight by doing exercise, body never responds to a particular area where you actually want to concentrate. Overall you lose weight but you won’t lose a particular people love handle, some people outer thigh and some it is a combination of either one.

So people usually get depressed because they would have completely drained the body where every area becomes slimmer and arms alone looks bulkier, And your arms are disproportionate , so you can’t wear a sleeveless and the kind of dress you actually wanted to wear.

Managing this resistant fat is very easy when you consider liposuction. Normally in traditional arm liposuction they tend to cover only certain areas. But practically patients have different requirement. Generally females don’t like the bulk over the deltoid and the triceps region. So what the plastic surgeons do nowadays is a circumferential, almost 360 degrees arm contouring with a high definition. Hence according to the patient’s lifestyle and the needs, plastic surgeons do a 360 degree arm contouring.

Most of the females nowadays have mild PCOS, known as polycystic ovarian syndrome. In females, because of polycystic ovarian syndrome testosterone is secreted more in the body. You bulk up the muscle when trying exercise to reduce the arm. So think twice before you hit the gym, as liposuction can remove only the fat and not the muscle bulk.

Arm liposuction is a day care procedure. You come in the morning and same day evening you will be discharged. There will be a pressure garment which has to be worn for one to one and a half months depending on the volume we removed. 3rd day you come back, we will give you a pressure garment. There won’t be much noticeable scars. There will be bruising sometimes which fades as days go by and especially the darker skin individuals might have to face dark pigmentation post-surgery. And it takes some time to settle, sometimes even two to three months too. Sometime it doesn’t even settle. So you have to weigh the risks and choose the procedure accordingly.