Medical advancements have always put us in awe. To what extent can these doctors beat the odds? Time will tell, undoubtedly. Let us take Liposuction as an example.

The roots of liposuction can be traced back as far as the 1920s when French surgeon Charles Dujarier first introduced the concept of body contouring and fat removal. However, the procedure did not do well and the interest in the concept of body contouring was lost. It is worthy to note that although the procedure was not successful, it did create quite a stir. People were too curious and hoped that the medical advancements could crack the ordeals and make this revolutionary idea of body sculpting possible.

Around 1974, Doctors Arpad and Giorgio Fischer from Rome, Italy, developed the blunt tunnelling technique from which modern liposuction evolved. French physicians Yves Gerard Illouz and Fournier further developed liposuction around 1978 naming it “Illouz Method”. It demonstrated a suction-assisted method for removing fat cells. Yves Gerard used cannulas to inject fluid into tissue to break up the fat deposits which were removed using the suction device. The results of this technique demonstrated high reproducibility and were associated with low morbidity.

The advancements till the year 1980 had been towards eliminating the need for general anaesthesia and Doctors developed techniques around various sedation methods. Doctor Pierre Fournier also modified the surgical incision method. By the end of 1990, Doctors used ultrasound for liquefying fat in order to ease the procedure.

Today Liposuction has reached great heights in terms of medical advancements. Chennai Plastic Surgery is home to state of the art facilities and care. There is a highly defined and holistic process involved – where the Doctors do not just stop with the medial procedures alone. The clients are taken through the entire process of removing and shedding their fat and extra kilos at the consultation stage itself. Before the surgery, the clients have to go through a routine on both exercise and diet, where the Doctors help them to bring discipline in their lives. The Doctors monitor the various parameters and the building ‘fitness attitude’ of the client. Only after the Doctors are convinced that they are good to go with the surgery with the client, the entire procedure starts. Though the recovery process takes hardly few days, be rest assured that the Doctors wont leave you alone!. For weeks together, they follow up on the clients’ mental and physical fitness and help them to start their lives all over again – a life that they have been hoping for, only in their dream once upon a time, now a reality.