Obesity is the next biggest thing to hypertension and diabetes these days. Though Hypertension and diabetes are common above 40 years, obesity has no age restrictions. In fact childhood obesity is more dangerous. To win over obesity there is a mad rush for various plans and methods of weight loss across all therapeutic modalities. It is extremely difficult to be successful in a weight loss program.

Even after successful weight loss does one achieve the perfect physique that he or she desires? There are certain areas of body that doesn’t usually respond to a weight loss regimen like upper tummy, flanks, arms and thighs. Likewise, there are certain areas of the body that can be problematic even after successful weight loss. Hanging tummy skin, multiple folds in back , sunken eyes, loose skin in arms and thighs can be a few of these issues.

Inability to loose fat in arms after weight loss programs and dealing with loose skin in arms after successful weight loss is one of the most annoying issues that one faces. Curves are not only important along the waist of a lady. Even an arm looks best when the grooves and bulges are at the right points. For someone who was obese earlier to get these cuts is almost next to impossible. Such results can be achieved at best with surgical intervention.

For individuals who find it difficult to loose excess fat in arms in spite of weight loss, this can be achieved by liposuction. Liposuction is a process by which excess fat in a particular area is removed by means of fine cannula.This procedure removes excess fat that is present in the subcutaneous layers to make the well toned muscles more prominent. This gives an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

In case of ladies who are unable to wear sleeveless garments due to bulky looking arms, liposuction of arms can help.

This procedure can be done under local tumuscent anesthesia to address focal areas or under general anesthesia depending physical status and desire of the subject. Tumescent solution that is used is a mixture of physiological fluids with local anesthetic solution and vasoconstrictors to reduce bleeding. Using a power assisted liposuction device, fat is sucked out from the body. Surgical precision is maintained to prevent any contour abnormalities. Zones that need special attention to accentuate the transition between muscle groups are carefully sculpted. Entire circumference of the arm is not usually done to avoid damage to lymphatic structures. This reduces postoperative edema. After the surgery, plasters are given to hold skin to the deeper structures and to prevent dead space formation in between. Second day following surgery plasters are removed and compression garments are applied. Seventh day sutures are removed.

Compression garments are continued for a period of 6 weeks. Final results become evident in about 2 months time. Mild bruising or discoloration following surgery is common which usually settles in 2 weeks time. Contour abnormalities may be present in spite of best efforts which can be secondarily corrected using minor procedures. Numbness may be present in the areas where liposuction was done which resolves with conservative measures. In specific scenarios where there is less fat and excess skin, arm lift procedures will help with or without liposuction.