It is basically a group of people who underwent breast implant coming back and saying the doctors as well as the media about various symptoms like chronic fatigue, tiredness, headaches, hair fall, body pain, skin diseases and many other symptoms that you can’t correlate with the breast implant alone. These symptoms might be of other root cause. But these patients claim that these symptoms are due to the silicone implants which have been placed by the doctor.

The American society of Plastic Surgeon and American Aesthetic Society along with the Representatives from the Breast Implant Illness Syndrome Society has done a lot of discussions on this issue and came up with a conclusion that scientifically doctors can’t understand the problem and there is no study stating the issue. They still don’t know whether the symptoms are real or psychological. So it is ideal for a plastic surgeon to treat the psychological effects of the patient post breast implant.

Most of the Plastic Surgeons across the world nowadays plan to explant [Explant is removal of the breast implant] if patient shows breast implant illness syndrome. 60 to 70% of cases becomes happy and feel that the symptoms are relieved after explant. But 30 to 40% of cases come back with same issues and wanted breast fat transfer instead of an implant. We will educate you on breast fat transfer in our upcoming blog section.