There are many women in the world who are currently dealing with something known as breast asymmetry. This issue is characterized by a noticeable difference in size between a women’s breasts. Breast asymmetry can significantly reduce a person’s self-confidence and comfort with their body.

Breast asymmetry can be corrected with breast reduction surgery. This option is ideal for women who have a smaller body type and women who prefer smaller breasts.

During the procedure, cosmetic surgeon Dr. Karthik Ram will carefully remove breast fat, glandular tissue, and skin until breast symmetry is reached. He will also make sure to retain the natural shape of the breast so that it has a natural appearance that matches the other.

If breast reduction surgery sounds like an ideal solution to breast asymmetry, contact our office to schedule a consultation. Dr. Karthik Ram will use his skill and artistry to deliver high-quality and beautiful-looking results.