Reversing the loose skin on the tummy post-delivery is a quite challenging procedure before techniques like EXILIS was introduced.

Before we could jump into the treatment plan on how to lose your skin which has lost its elasticity, we will have a gist on how the skin becomes loose. Basically the skin is bounded with some kind of components like the collagen and hyaluronic acids which gives the skin its elastic tendency to stretch and hold the baby as it grows [when tummy is concerned] and relaxes post-delivery. As they relax the loose skin becomes more prominent.

This sagging skin is insignificant for a few, though, it remains a nightmare for many. Apart from weight loss, poor dieting pattern, age changes, dehydration and smoking alters skin elasticity in the long run. Loose skin hanging around your tummy post-delivery is always noticed and becomes the area of concern in young moms. How much ever you try to take measures to fade out this condition, attempts eventually fail.

EXILIS: This is a skin tightening mechanism which can be used on any body parts and works really well on saggy skin on tummy.Two effective rays, so called the radiofrequency and ultrasonic emitted from the machine blends the treatment of melting the fat and contours the tissues.This non-surgical mommy makeover can grab all women post-delivery due to its effective outcomes. Exilis provides a comfortable session for those who really wants to keep a full stop for the so called ‘loose hanging skin’. A manageable diet pattern is also advised during the procedure to help you to look even more better. Very simple maintenance protocol pre and post procedure is also advised to make the outcomes the best.

Unlike the other treatment protocols, exilis needs a few periodic sessions to see some changes on the above mentioned condition. Spend just 45 minutes for each session to win back your appeal…

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