What happens during the rhinoplasty consultation?

Consultation starts with an assessment on past and present health condition followed by Internal and external nasal examination. A bunch of pictures will be taken from various angles if necessary which will be reviewed and at times this serves as an extraordinary educational tool for guiding the patients. The most important part is to know your expectations for the procedure as the potential results differ from person to person.

What is endonasal rhinoplasty?

Closed rhinoplasty also known as endonasal rhinoplasty is a worldwide accepted cosmetic procedure. Rhinoplasty is an intricate procedure and needs a wide eye to analyse and fix the patient’s concern. The word endo nasal means the incision is made inside the nostrils and the scars are not seen outside as with an open rhinoplasty case. Though a closed rhinoplasty addresses many concerns like bump on the bridge of the nose, the height of the nose, the tip of the nose and also the size of the nose, this surgical technique has some restrictions which can always be addressed with many open surgical techniques.

Expected facts of endonasal rhinoplasty:

The main advantage of closed rhinoplasty is there won’t be any visible scars on the nose outside. The advanced technique allows for minimal healing phase with less downtime. Most of the patients find the recovery phase more comfortable except day one as there may be nasal packs in you nostrils and one have to breadth through mouth. A Nasal splints is also recommended soon after the surgery. You may still be bruised around the operated area and around the eyes minimally which will be alright in a week’s time. Liquid food for a couple of days is mandatory, and later soft diet is allowed. But otherwise the recovery phase is usually pleasant with rapid healing. Kindly call our help desk to know more about endonasal or closed rhinoplasty.