Exilis is considered as a non­surgical and painless method of liposuction, the machine uses radio­frequency and ultrasound to attack the fat cells (also in the deeper layers) and reduce them in size and number. For further understanding please refer to our website. Exilis cannot be performed on a patient with any active implants (metal implants, pace makers, etc) and on pregnant and lactating women.

Pre-procedure instructions:
The patient is advice to wear loose and comfortable clothing on the day of the procedure. Do not apply any makeup, creams or jewellery. The area to be treated must be hair-free. Hydration is important mostly when large areas are targeted, hence it is important to drink lots of water a day before and also on the day of the procedure to facilitate lymphatic drainage.

Post-procedure care:
Immediately post-procedure you may feel mild heat, tenderness and redness in the area treated, this is quite normal and will subside in a few hours or a day. You may resume your routine skin care and day-to-day activity from the following day. When the area around the eyes are treated there might me mild swelling which will subside in a day or two, to help this our patients are instructed to sleep on two pillows. All our patients are advised to keep themselves hydrated even after procedure and also to perform mild physical exercise or undergo massage to aid lymphatic drainage.

Although exilis has been FDA approved and is a very safe and effective way of body contouring, it is important to know the pre and post-procedure instruction not only to be well prepared for the procedure, but also to achieve optimum outcome from it.