Stay on good terms with your mirror

Dermal fillers has gained popularity in recent years because they offer rejuvenation and enhancing aesthetic improvements at lower cost with little or zero downtime.

As we age,our skin naturally loose subcutaneous fat,facial muscles comes closer to skin and signs of ageing become apparent.

Hyaluronic Acid is a good choice as dermal fillers because it is a natural substance and compatible with human body.It is capable of holding water thereby maintaining skin’s volume for long periods.

Fillers act like an inflated soft cushion to support facial structures that may have lost elasticity or volume,also hydrate the skin,keeping it fresh and supple.

Dermal fillers can be used to soften creases or wrinkles,enhance shallow contours,plump thin lips,elevate the cheek bones,improve the appearance of scars,creating rejuvenated look,balancing out mild asymmetry between the two sides of face,correcting smile.

Fillers last from 9-12 months or sometimes even longer,depending on the amount used and the area injected.
Side effects which can be experienced are swelling,bruising,redness,infection,lumps,minor pain.

Prior to filler treatment one should come with cleanly washed face without make up,avoid aspirin or any other blood thinner products for 2 weeks and alcohol for few days.

Post filler treatment-Avoid heat,restrict movement and do not massage the treated area.