Pilonidal sinus is a chronic condition in the midline cleft of the buttock usually characterized by a sinus tract with or without pus discharge when infected often due to trapped hair. While it can affect any age group, less in children and old age, men are more prone. The sinus commonly contains hair. Pilonidal disease is usually chronic and the treatment options are systemic antibiotic coverage, drainage and surgery. But recurrence is very common.

How laser hair reduction will help to get rid of:

Laser hair reduction is a fast and relatively a safe method. While stopping the hair growing we tend to minimize the recurrence rate. Laser will not cure the condition but reduces the recurrence rate in patients who have already experienced multiple surgeries. A number of studies has been proved that laser hair reduction reduces the recurrence rate in patients with pilonidal sinus. Experts say that laser shots can be given before and few days after the surgery which maintains hygiene in turn reduces the severity.

About the laser hair reduction procedure:

Treating area should be shaved well before the laser. Local anesthetic creams may be applied if necessary. In our clinic we give attention to patient’s trust and maintaining patient’s dignity all the time. Hence the number of staffs allowed to assist laser is restricted to minimum during the procedure to make the patient feel comfortable. Patients usually feel the recurrence once the hair-free period is prolonged. Hence laser hair reduction is done every 30 – 45 days.

Advantages of laser hair reduction in pilonidal sinus:

  • Hair destruction happens after a few sessions which controls the infection.
  • Recurrence rate is controlled after laser hair reduction.
  • Frequency of surgeries are minimized.
  • Laser hair reduction being a day care procedure is very convenient to the patients.
  • Maintaining hygiene is more important which is easy once the hair growth is minimal after laser.