Liposuction surgery is a body-sculpting procedure performed by plastic surgeon Dr. Karthik Ram. The procedure is intended to remove deposits of excess fat often located in problem areas of the body. If a healthy diet and physical activity have continued to fail you, liposuction surgery could be the solution to help create that body you desire. These are some important details to understand before the procedure.

Before surgery, your medical history is taken down, and a careful examination is conducted in order to properly assess your general health. During a consultation, plastic surgeon Dr. Ram will discuss in great detail any areas of the procedure that may be a cause for concern. By doing this, he and his staff can better determine if your aesthetic goals can be realistically met via liposuction.

It’s also important to understand that there are several variations in liposuction surgery techniques such as laser, power assisted and tumescent. The proper course of action for each patient will be determined during this visit.

If the decision is made to proceed with the liposuction surgery, Dr. Ram will provide comprehensive pre-operative instructions such as those regarding eating or drinking anything after midnight on the night before surgery.

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