The reason behind the popularity of rhinoplasty has to do with the prominence of the nose when the face is viewed as a whole. The nose is the center of the face, and its appearance can complement or detract from the beauty of your other facial features.

A bulbous nasal tip is one of the more common aesthetic issues that people seek to correct through rhinoplasty. The cause of this issue is the shape of the nasal cartilage. Some individuals have nasal cartilage that is too wide. Others may have cartilage that is convex in shape. Both of these issues can rob the nasal tip of its definition and give it an overly rounded look.

To correct the issue, the nasal cartilage must be carefully and precisely reshaped. The cartilage cannot simply be cut into the desired shape, because this would destabilize the structure of the nose. Instead, the surgeon must be able to properly manipulate the cartilage to maintain the integrity of the nose.

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