Many people visiting us for various dermatological concerns get treated either by medications or procedures. This is just the tip of the iceberg. What follows the actual treatment, in the form of follow-up care is will decide the final outcome and the longevity of the results. This post-procedure care is crucial not only for optimum benefit of the treatment but also many a times it is a base for the next procedure to be done.

The specifics of post-procedure care may vary slightly depending on the treatment you have received. But largely the instructions will remain the same and is as follows:

  1. The first and foremost thing is to LISTEN with an open mind to all the instructions carefully because all the doctors at Chennai Plastic Surgery and Cosmoglitz explain in detail about the procedure and instructions to be followed after the procedure.
  2. Immediately after the procedure we apply a soothing cream and a sunscreen. Do not wash this off for at least 6 hours
  3. The first time you wash off the area treated should be with plain water (unless you are instructed to use a certain cleanser).
  4. Do not use any kind or hair removal method on the area treated for a minimum of 5 days after the treatment (note that some procedures may require a longer gap).
  5. Do not use hot water, physical/chemical exfoliator (scrub) or over the counter products on the area treated (if in doubt kindly discuss with the doctor).
  6. Do not step out in direct sunlight (10am-4pm). Use an umbrella or a hat whenever possible. Use of sunscreen on treated area is mandatory.
  7. Do not exercise for at least 48hrs after the procedure.
  8. Some treatments may cause peeling of skin or scab formation, do not pull/pluck it out.
  9. Most often the products to be used post procedure will be prescribed by your doctor and instructions will be given on how to use it.

The first few days after the procedure is crucial for the outcome, because it is during that time that the skin heals and remodels itself to give the final result. The products used during these days have to be gentle enough not to harm the skin, hence it is important to use the products prescribed diligently. No matter how good the machine used or how well the procedure was, if you do not maintain it by religiously following the steps told the results will not last and also the chances of untoward outcomes increases.

Do your part to seal the deal and enjoy lasting results.