Double chin is not only a problem in the over-weight / older people, but also poses a problem in the younger and leaner people as well. It is nothing but fat which is deposited under the chin, which makes the area appear fuller. Sometimes people tend to have looser skin in this area which naturally makes this area sag, giving the appearance of double chin. Advancing age adds to this problem as well because the skin loses its elasticity. Quite a few of the people having this problem over-weight and obesity go hand with double chin.

No matter what the cause of the double chin, the person often troubled by it seeks treatment to cosmetically improve the shape and appearance of their face. There are a handful of options provided by us Chennai Plastic Surgery and Cosmoglitz, ranging from creams and injections to procedures and surgery. As one treatment may not suit all, it becomes important for us to examine the skins elasticity, fat content and lymphnode status of the chin area. After which we offer the various options which can help, many times we may have to combine a couple of treatments in order to obtain the best result.

Non-surgical treatments available for double chin correction at our centre includes skin tightening creams, skin tightening treatments, lypolytic injections (fat melting injections), liquid face lift and thread lifts. On the other hand surgical options like neck lift, liposuction and lymph node excision. Some people who are overweight may be advised to lose weight before undergoing any of the above mentioned procedures (we do have a weight loss programme to help you with it as well). No matter what treatment option you choose the post-procedure care is very important. Wearing a garment which keep your skin lifted, creams and following a healthy diet are some of the instructions given.

So don’t shy away from side profiles, don’t be distressed when you see your double chin pop in the pictures, don’t refrain yourself from buying chokers/polo neck tops, don’t use make-up to cover your double chin. Contact us and drop in for a consultation at Chennai Plastic Surgery/ Cosmoglitz, we just might have a solution to your problem.