It goes by different names tuberous or tubular breast.

What is this?

It is breast developmental problem wherein the tissues surrounding the breast cause a constricting effect, therefore making the breast appear like a root or tube. So, the larger portion of the breast tissue is accumulated beneath the nipple areolar complex. There are few more features too, that are seen in these individuals like

  • The nipple arealor complex will be enlarged compared to a normal breast and will be puffy
  • The gap / cleft between both the breast will be more
  • The distance between the nipple and lower crease of the breast will be less
  • Breast looks more saggy

There are three types depending on the constriction:

  1. The inner side of the breast will have the constriction
  2. The inner and outer side of the breast will have constriction
  3. All around the breast will be constricted

Sadly, most people go through all their lives without knowing that this condition is treatable. Yes, it is 100% treatable. What is lacking, is the awareness. Its important to treat this condition due to what the woman going through this condition feel. They have very low self-esteem and always unhappy with the abnormal way their breasts look and feel. They find it difficult to expose themselves when needed. Most importantly finding the right inner wear/ brassiere is tough. Due to these various reasons, its important that we are aware of this condition, identify and treat them early.

What is the treatment?

Its surgical alone. However, in surgery there are various options.

  1. Simple release the constricted area with a cannula and put fat graft
  2. Make a cut in the areola, release the constricted areas and place and breast implant

Sometimes the problem could be with only one breast. Then the treatment is decided comparing both the breast. Example. The tubular side may need a release and breast implant, whereas the other breast may need a breast lift procedure.