It is often said that the skin care prior to procedure is as important as post-procedure care for the optimum outcome of chemical peeling. This care would include using appropriate face care products given by the doctor along with other do’s and don’ts.


Priming of the skin implies to using face care products in order to prepare the skin for the procedure. It will be done over a period of 1-2 weeks depending on the skin type to maintain the skin pH, reduce tanning and protect the skin. It includes the following steps:

  1. Avoid direct sunlight or tanning 2 weeks prior, use of facial scrubs, razors, threading and also the use of any other chemicals on the face for at least 3-5 days prior to the treatment.
  2. If using retinoid in the form of tablets or creams, stop it 3-5 days before the peel.
  3. Use mild face wash (cleanser), adequate moisturisers and sunscreen (minimum of thrice a day).
  4. Skin lightening products with or without retinoid cream may be prescribed by the doctor for a period of 2 weeks before peel.

Post-procedure care:

Immediately after the completion of the procedure a mild moisturiser in applied and a few minutes later sunscreen is applied on to the skin. Mild redness is desirable which then subsides in the couple of hours. The patient is then asked to follow the following regimen at home:

  1. For up to 24hrs after the procedure patient is asked to avoid: direct sunlight, hot water baths or steam baths, scrubbing or rubbing the face, use of chemicals and make-up on the area, perfumed washes or creams and threading/waxing.
  2. After 24hrs the skin care prescribed by the doctor can be resumed.
  3. The skin is bound to become dry and slightly flaky (mild peeling) a few days after the peel and this will continue for 5-10 days. If it becomes unsightly or uncomfortable a moisturiser could be applied.
  4. Regular skin care regimen can be resumed 24hrs after the procedure.
  5. Sunscreen should be used diligently thrice a day.
  6. The retinoid cream if prescribed, can be resumed 3-5 days (depending on the depth of the peel) after the procedure.
  7. Any other cosmetological procedure, if planned should only be done after 2 weeks of the procedure.

These above mentioned instructions should be followed in order to see the maximum results of the peel. Any additional medication or care to be taken will be mentioned by the doctor.