I am Dr.Vyas again and he is Mr. Thomas Jehle.

I did facelift on him yesterday and today we did a facelift on his beloved wife. I would like to just ask you Thomas, what has been your experience with Chennai Plastic Surgery so far, headed by Dr.Karthik?

Well Dr.Vyas, we are surprised that it is so clean. And, when you see lot of the mess that we have in Chennai, we seemed very unsure about everything. But when we saw his office and this hospital, it is just fantastic, its perfect standard I would say, like European standard.

I am happy. I am happy to hear that you had a good experience. I believe you will have good outcome. Everything went well.

Great. Thank you again for your kind words.

My name is Thomas and I come from Australia. Originally I am from Germany but I have lived since 10 years in Australia. We arrived here on Saturday morning. We were picked up by perfect hotel guys. They picked us up and rolled us to the hotel. In the afternoon, we had an appointment with Dr.Karthik. And we were quite shocked when we drove along the streets here… how poor some things look here. It seems like they have problem with rubbish on the streets and everything.

But when you come into certain part of the town, it is getting very much better. You see, when you go into his office, it is all very clean, very nice and people are very friendly. We saved a lot of money compared if we would have done it in Australia. Even though we thought we will go to Thailand first to see it over there, we compared the prices and everything and pricewise I would say it is much better here in India. If you want to have probably a nice holiday as well, you have to go outside of Chennai which you can do later on when you recover a little bit.

Definitely we are quite pleased with the hotel, with the service we received and with the hotel we have here. It is absolutely fantastic.

If you think about going to India, expect that you have a bit of waiting period when you drive through the town because it is very busy here. In India, the people are very very friendly. And yeah if you in the hospital like me now, it is probably something you did not expect when you see the outside from a lot of places here.

But here, it is absolutely European standard I would say or Australian standards. We are very very pleased we are here. And to recover, we have a beautiful hotel around the corner here. And a few days from here, we would head to Kerala or somewhere to have a nice holiday as well. And fly out of Chennai as well. It has been a beautiful experience so far and we have no pain and no problems at all. So, I am quite pleased with the results so far.