Greetings! I had approached CPS a month ago with the hope of finding a cure for the stretchmarks and loose skin on my stomach region. I was accordingly recommended to undergo Exilis treatment for skin tightening and fat loss, for abdomen and thighs. So far I have completed 5 sessions. Although, I haven’t seen any significant changes on my stretch marks yet, out I do appreciate certain subsidiary improvements on my skin – for eg – (i) the dark pigmentation between my thighs have almost disappeared; and (ii) the tyres in my stomach have also quietly reduced. I must mention that, despite my time constrain i.e, within 3 week CPS have managed to produce commendable results. CPS has been very cooporative and attentive to my needs. Further, I plan on continuing my treatment in my next visit after a few month. Thank you CPC, I appreciate your hospitality and effacy!