I am 27 years old and have had fat filler in my cheeks. Before the treatment my cheeks was depressed and I feel very bad about my cheeks at past several years. I came to know about the cheeks fat filler treatment in Chennai Plastic Surgery. I have consulted with Dr. Karthik ram about the treatment procedure and cost. Procedure is very simple and cost also very reasonable and their approach and service also I feel good.

I am scared about the procedure because they will have to take fat from my thigh, centrifuge/clean/do what they need to do and then use a needle in the cheek area but the treatment is very simple. I did not feel any pain whatsoever, I was actually surprised. As that was being done by the Dr. Karthik ram and team.

After all the fat was injected, I was given a mirror to see the new face. I….was shocked haha. I looked like an overfilled cat. But, as I stayed and rested for a while, I remember that most of it is swelling. As I got home, I thought I looked crazy. However, I could feel my entire face swell from this procedure.

I am home, it has been about five hours since the procedure has ended, and I feel good. I can get back to normal, light activities (office work) quickly.

I definitely have cheeks–they look really full, maybe too full. But I requested more fat in order to supplement the fact that a majority of the fat will dissolve within two to three months.

I am happy! Once the swelling goes down, I’ll be able to see my face as less ‘overfilled’ and see the contour even better. And once some of the fat dissolves, I’ll have an even more contoured look after about two to three months.

Overall I am happy! Thanks to CPS doctors and staffs.