When I came here I was 97Kgs.
In a journey in which I was fighting to shed my extra pounds.
It’s exactly 2months now. The result which Iam seeing in myself in awesome. Dr.Karthik Ram just came in my life as an Angel and gave me this Boon. The team of Doctors are really friendly and been with me through this journey. I don’t have words to Express my Happiness which no other diet plan or Exercise regime could ever give me.
Right from my consultation my Doctors never gave me any false assurance and made me understand my achievable goals. And also asked me to my naturals ways but I had 100% TRUST in them to go for a surgery Liposuction.
I am excited and happy and I lost almost 12Kgs now. Which is unimaginable in any other ways?

Thanks Dr.Karthik Ram, Dr. Narayanamurthy & Dr. Arvind Maharaj.

All The Best to Chennai Plastic Surgery. Thanks and Best Wishes For all Staff for Support.