Hola : This is Arti Chidambaram from Chennai. Wanted to share my combat with Chennai Plastic Surgery on the surgery I have recently had with Dr.Karthik Ram & his super dwindled team. ( Just like our super star Rajnikanth ) I am sure these reviews not only motivate the team excel in whatever they currently are but a great insight for a layman who is lost amidst the BIG BANNER circle or a far flung like me . Its too early for me to comment on the results of the surgery I underwent but nothing stops me from sharing my overall experience of their exemplary customer service buttoned up. To start with, my personal experince with the kind of service rendered by Dr.Karthik Ram ‘s team – Dr.Arvind : Assistant Surgeon , Lakshmi , Jestella , Kanthi : Therapist , Prithivi Raj @ the reception & all the anesthesia staffs were just so damn professional & friendly from the time I stepped in till I bid good bye. They all carry this standard ,in SYNC SMILE @ all plights no matter what. Right from the person @ the reception till the nth person @ the exit gate smile in the same language. I must say that’s their strength , vision , universal motto magnetic power bewitching people to get back to them time & again. Hands Down team. Their province just does not end post surgery or treatment , they ensure they follow up with you a day or 2 later to check if everything was fine & that you were all hale and healthy. Trust me you don’t need anyone from family accompanying you whilst the surgery coz Dr.Karthik’s team deluge that homely feel throughout the whole process. You actually will not feel you are inside any operation theatre ( Specially if you are under LA ) but a recreation hall coz all the surgeons , staffs talk to you so casually & effortlessly with your choice of music on . Well by this I mean they give you that lighter aura & dismiss from mind that you are going through a scary surgery. But when you wake up the quality of work is so frickin perfect & a class apart. Now comes the Star of the whole show , the head honcho .. Man with a big curve on his face round the clock ( No wonder ,his team prolly inherits from him ) . He talks less but functions more. He just does not market or influence you to take up any of his treatments knowing its easy to mint money by flaunting few of those fancy surgical terms that may look appealing & tempt you to go for it .. BUT DR KARTHIK JUST DOES NOT DO IT , that’s the most startling experience I have had with him. He tells you what is good what is not healthy & if this would suit you , its a BIG NO if he feels this just does not work for ya.. Very rare to find doctors & clinics with such thoughtful gestures. Kudos Doctor for that beautiful trait in you. Dr. Karthik articulates very less during your consultation process but answers all your questions ( elaborately ) , repeated questions if that meant a 100 times of the same breed.. But whilst the surgery he just would not keep mum , he would go on & on & on spouting , simple reason being he gives you that confidence that you were in SAFE HANDS with nothing to distress . I was so tempted to get up from the bed to bolster it was no dream & Dr. Karthik for real. He just does not frown away anyday or anytime of the day you call him to nag with your questions on the surgery ( Both Pre & Post ) . So is his assistant Dr. Arvind too. They both compliment one another so very well. Few catch phrase that well describe Dr. Karthik would be – GO GETTER , TASK DRIVEN , PEOPLE ORIENTED , LIVES FOR A CHALLENGE , WORKS WELL IN ANY ENVIRONMENT WITH A BIG SMILE , EXTREME DEDICATION & COMMITMENT TOWARDS HIS WORK & PASSIONATE. DOCTOR , your team truly deserves an appreciation or recognition for their remarkable customer handling skills. And thank you from bottom of my heart for molding such an eccentric team , I am sure they will go places with their basics being so damn strong. Looking forward to see you fly high in this verticle bagging few of those ” James Barrett Brown Award ” , ” Clinician of the year ” ” Honorary Award ” …. 🙂 🙂 🙂 As a closure note , I strongly recommend Chennai plastic Surgery for their quality of work , professionalism, holistic friendly approach @ all times. Its a complete feel good factor experience beyond anything. You will not be dismayed when you leave. You atleast will have an answer those questions running in your mind .Worth a Shot. Good Luck Dr.Karthik & the entire CREW.